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About Glassi

Especially for glass professionals. A specialized team, the latest machines and endless possibilities. You could almost say that Glassi is employed by you. How can we serve you?

Your production hub

When it comes to glass, nothing is too crazy for us. And it all starts in our production locations and with our specialized suppliers. Always the best quality, produced super fast at very competitive prices. View up close?

Glassi's promise

We promise to combine good business with a smile.

We love glass and even more so people. We go all out to make doing business with us truly worthwhile. And although we are really serious about glass and how its ordering, making, and delivering can be made smarter, faster, and more efficient, we approach our business with a light-hearted view. It can also be fun, even an experience, that goes beyond just the moment of ordering glass and getting it delivered incredibly quickly. Because advancing our customers and the market is what we're here for. We provoke, we inspire, we dare to do things differently and to really be different in everything we do. We change, we innovate, we shake things up. So, those who work with us, or for us, can really expect something from us. We will never promise more than we can deliver, but we will always deliver more than we promise. That makes us true glass innovators.